Apologies to parents of teething babies and toddlers but there is no 100% safe medication, even “all natural” teething tablets, that pediatricians would recommend. We understand how frustrating it is to listen and watch your child experience the pain and discomfort of teething, and we also appreciate how it affects parents. But teething medications pose risks. Take Hyland teething tablets, for example. These tablets were recalled in 2010 after the FDA found a potentially-toxic ingredient (belladonna) in them. Any non-FDA-approved medication is an unknown, and parents are using them at their own risk. Even numbing gels may be harmful if the child swallows the gel. Unfortunately, all parents can do is to give their child a teething ring (or some other cold, chewable object that can’t be swallowed). If the pain is severe, we recommend Tylenol. All other medications, unfortunately, are not FDA-approved.


Joseph Wells, MD

Pediatrician, MVP Kids Care, Phoenix, AZ