TO:                         MVP Kids Care Families

FROM:                   Your Concerned Care Team

DATE:                    November 2016

SUBJECT:              Your ACA/Marketplace Exchange Healthcare Insurance

We know many insurance companies are not offering individual healthcare plans as part of “Obamacare.” You may have received a cancellation letter from your insurance plan to that effect.

We want you to know that we’re still your pediatricians and we still want to take care of your child(ren), regardless of your insurance!

We also want you to know that there are other plans on the exchange that you can pick (FYI – all MVP Kids Care providers take HealthNet and AmBetter insurance plans). Maybe the price is higher than you had been paying, but family subsidies have also increased.  Other important information:

1. If you haven’t replaced your cancelled insurance plan by the end of the year, your coverage may be extended to 3/31/17. Check out your plan’s website to see the “final extension date” and print out that page in case you need it later.

2. If you can’t afford any of the individual healthcare plans offered, look into KidsCare or AHCCCS for dependent coverage. You may qualify.

3. If you’re thinking about not purchasing insurance, talk to us about our self-pay program (we offer significant discounts to folks without insurance).

4. If you’re just as upset as we are about the lack of affordable healthcare insurance options, or losing healthcare insurance all-together, tell your Senator!

5. If you need help choosing a plan or understanding the website information, call us at 623-846-7575, and ask for BILLING, or better yet, send us an email through the portal.

Below are some websites/addresses that may be helpful:
– (this website has lots of good information about the insurance situation here in Arizona, as well as allows you to explore/enroll in AZ plans.)
– (click on “Members/Applicants”, then click on “Programs and Covered Services”). Information about Kids Care, as well as AHCCCS eligibility in general, can be found here.
– (click on “contact” button, type in your name/address, and in the message box, write something like this):

Dear Senator McCain: Arizona’s children deserve healthcare, and the lack of affordable ACA/Marketplace insurance plans means many families, like mine, will either be economically burdened or uninsured. Additionally, the threat of a complete repeal of “Obamacare,” without a clear plan to replace it, means uncertainty where my family’s health is concerned. Please continue offering and funding individual healthcare plans through the exchange. Thank you for your time.