Immunizations are one of the best preventative medicine practices that physicians have available today. Thanks to vaccines, many of the serious and deadly diseases that plagued people years ago are infrequently seen in the United States today. The diseases we immunize against are still seen elsewhere in the world and anyone is at risk of contracting these illnesses. The best way to protect our children from these diseases is to immunize.

Health Alert: Measles in Arizona

MVP Kids Care follows the immunization schedules recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). These schedules have been researched extensively, have proven to be safe, and help ensure that the children following these schedules are protected from these serious illnesses during their most vulnerable ages. For this reason, we will work with families to educate them on the importance of vaccinating and do not accept families that choose not to vaccinate.

Visit the CDC’s (Centers for Disease Control) Website for more information on life saving vaccines: (Click Here) Vaccination Schedule for Children from Birth through 6 years old: (Click Here) Vaccination Schedule for Preteens and Teens: (Click Here) Vaccination Schedule for Adults: (Click Here) Please visit for more information regarding vaccine schedules and vaccine requirements for child care/preschool, school and college in the State of AZ.