MVP Kids Care - Phoenix Office MVP Kids Care – Phoenix Office

General Information

We accept most major insurances and AHCCCS plans to include Mercy Care, Phoenix Health Plan, APIPA and Health Choice. Call our office for further insurance questions.

We are active members of the medical staff at Phoenix Children’s, Maryvale, West Valley & Banner Estrella Hospitals.  We see newborn babies at Maryvale, West Valley & Banner Estrella Hospitals.

Patients are seen on an appointment basis. Inform the receptionist if you require a well or sick appointment. We encourage you to ask for a specific practioner so that we can maintain continuity of care.  You are always allowed to ask for the practitioner with whom you feel the most comfortable. Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

Patients with appointments will generally be given priority.  Walk-ins will be seen at our earliest convenience, typically at the end of the morning/afternoon or when another patient has cancelled their appointment.

Emergency Care
Emergency care always takes precedence over scheduled appointments and walk-ins. Should we have an emergency in the office or the hospital, we will run behind schedule but we will still see your child.  Please be patient; one day your child may require this attention.

Cancellations/No Shows
If you unable to make your appointment, please call the office promptly to reschedule.  This allows us to fill the appointment with another patient.  Cancelled or rescheduled appointments are not penalized. You will be considered a No Show if you do not call and are more than 20 minutes late.  If you have more than 3 No Show appointments in a row or a pattern of No Shows you may be asked to go elsewhere for your child’s care.

Waiting Times
We have a very busy practice and expect to give all our patients equal time & quality care.  Unexpected delays are common and we may run behind schedule.  Please be patient.  We appreciate your family and your business.  We promise to see you as quickly as our schedule allows.

Cell Phone Use
Please be courteous and limit your cell phone use to the waiting room.  Please do not talk on the phone when the nurse or doctor is trying to talk with you or examine your child.

After Hours
We are available to you outside of office hours for emergency and urgent care.  As a regular patient you are entitled to 24 hour care; we will see your child at any hour, if appropriate.  We ask that you do not abuse this service. Only one physician covers the entire practice during this time.  Phone calls will first go through our nursing triage service. The nurse will give you medical advice per our instructions.  If she feels there is as emergency she will contact the physician on call.  The physician will then contact you you and give appropriate instructions.